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Elevate Your Health with Our Hand Made Care Package !!

We offer a wide range of herbal  remedies. Whether you are looking for immunity boosters, stress relievers or sleeping aids, our Care Packages have something for everyone. 


If you are in need for something specific, elevate your health with our custom made herbal blend specially made for you. These herbs will be hand picked to cater to your specific needs. Click on Special Order request form link below.

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Herbal Remedies for a Holistic You

At Jehovah Rapha Holistic Healing, our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality organic herbs and teas available, to help promote natural healing and wellness. We understand the benefits of natural remedies, and we believe that a holistic approach to health and wellness is the best approach. Our extensive selection of herbs come from some of the most remote and pristine regions of the world. We take pride in sourcing only the best quality ingredients to ensure that every cup of tea or dose of herbs you take is the most potent and effective.


"Was dealing with some discomfort due to parasite and constipation. As an result I became very sluggish. Within 2 days of trying the tea that was recommended, my body was able to release the parasites and my energy increased."


"Due to a shift in work schedule, I dealt with a lot of sleepless nights and could not get more than 4 hours of sleep at a time. Immediately after trying the tea that was created for proper rest, I slept for 7 hours and felt restore as if I slept longer."


I am someone who has been dealing digestion issues for quite sometime. I’ve tried prescribed medications and over the counter stuff but nothing seemed work as good as this tea. I tried a special order tea that was made specifically for me to help with my cramping and bloating discomfort from eating meals. The tea helped calm things down for me and eased my discomfort.

Tony N.

PMS pills: normally when my cycle is near I feel cramps, my acne flares up and my breast get tender. After taking the pms pills I experienced no cramps, less acne and no tender breast and my cycle was light. Definitely a great product. Face mask: I use this mask once a week and each time it has made my face hydrated and has a glow to it. My dark and red marks are disappearing creating a nice and even tone. I love it! Detox tea: I love this tea because whenever I feel bloated this is my go to. I feel 5 pounds lighter lol not only that it helps with my skin too Kay H.

Kay H.

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